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Ghetto What-have-you’s

Tim & I have been studying for finals night & day. It has caused me to cast my gaze around various corners of the living to try and let my eyes rest of the words I’m burning into them. The other night I noticed how ghetto our TV is. We’re too cheap to buy one so my mother gave us one she wasn’t using, we’re also too cheap to pay for cable, and too cheap to buy rabbit ears. Heck, we’re even to cheap to buy cereal at full price.

Our solution? Foil, cable cord, & an awesome iron candelabra I bought from the D.I. 3 years ago.

Splendid. We college kids know how to conserve.

I gagged in horror.

Still, I’m sure I’ll look back on this one day while sitting in my couch that wasn’t purchased through craigslist, or D.I. and think fondly of the ghetto makeshift antenna we constructed to get 3 extra channels, two of which are Spanish. 🙂

oh yeah, and I bought the chest it’s sitting on at the D.I. too instead of an entertainment center. In all honesty I’ll probably never get rid of it. We’re so obviously cheap. lol



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Hello Lover….

I don’t care how big of dork this makes me, when I first saw this my hands were flying, clasping together and I was shouting in glee! I cannot WAIT for this to come out!

My biggest guilty pleasure hits the big screen, fabulous!

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ode to the marrieds.

Thought I’d post a few pictures of our wedding! I love looking at people’s wedding photos so I’ll just assume a few of you would like to see them as well!

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Balloon Festival

A few Pictures from the Albuquerque International Ballon Festival in October. It was absolutely stunning! I was giggling like a school girl and taking pictures like an asian tourist!


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Introducing TimLyn…

I decided to start a blog so that our friends and family can keep up with our heres and theres since niether Tim or I are good at keeping people updated. We’ve had a lot of fun so far here in New Mexico and are starting to really love it here! I promise to try and not love it too much because we still want to move back to Salt Lake City once we finish our degrees. (Rain check for 4 years SLC?) We’ve made some great friends, found some great food (oh, how i love the green chile!) and have really been enjoying our time in “The Land of Enchantment!” (can you believe that’s their slogan?)

Anyhow, as of right now Tim is staying up late studying for finals but still finds the time to show me random “Rock your socks off,” metal song youtube videos. 🙂 I on the other hand am still in my nursing pre-reqs and spend lots of my time watching Sex & the City re-runs. 🙂 These times will be very short lived though since next semester my classes get harder and I’m taking more of them. Something tells me Tim & I will go into hibernation.

In other news, Tim’s brother Todd and his wife Hilary had their baby Sophie Alayne and we are so excited to meet her this Christmas! She was 2 months early but is doing great and looks just like her daddy! What a sweet baby. I can’t wait!

We’re also excited to go to my brother Robert’s wedding this holiday season! Kari is so sweet and I’m so glad to be having another sister! A younger sister!

Lots ahead of us!

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