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Paint the town Red.

We’re in Love!

Alas, it is true! One year after agreeing to an eternity together we are still madly in love. 🙂 Our Anniversary is today but it being the Sabbath and all we celebrated last night. It was so much fun! Tim brought me flowers to my work and later picked me up to go to dinner before taking me to the ballet! Being the dork that I am I brought 4 dresses with me, which I tried on before leaving working to make the right choice. We ended up having a few extra moments to go home first before dinner and exchange gifts. With 1 year anniversary being the year of paper or clocks Tim got me a card that had a painted picture of a scene that looked almost identical to the spot he proposed after the ballet on my birthday! It was so sweet! I also had mentioned months ago that I wanted to get a new set of scriptures with my new name and ones that weren’t all beat up and highlighted to death. And what do you know, he remembered! His memory is reputedly far better than my own and I was so touched that he had remembered how much I had wanted them. I love them! For him I had made us have mini celebrations every month for our first year of marriage and made him a book full of pictures and poems of the things we had done. It was fun to see how we had grown together throughout the year. Continuing on with paper I had made some calls and got my hands on the 2006 and 2007 SLC Jazz Festival posters, which we had attended each year since we started dating and both love! It turned out so cool! We put them in frames and I have to brag, it looks fantastic on our wall! I want us to start collecting them!

Anyhow, the night continued on with an enormous dinner at Samuri where they basically served us crates of tepanyaki and sushi and even gave us free fried ice cream after finding out it was our anniversary! It was so sweet! We wrote them a thank you note and left it with our tip. Then it was onto the ballet! I was so excited because Albuquerque doesn’t have much of the things we loved to see in Salt Lake so we were both happy to have finally found something! The ballet wasn’t exactly Ballet West but it was still fun to watch. We had a passerby take a picture of us outside the theater and then we got lost downtown for an hour trying to find our way back home. Ha ha! All in all, we had such a fun night and it was so nice to have a real night out on the town. All day I was remembering when I first met Tim and called my friend to tell him I had met the perfect guy! and I was soooo nervous around him, I made a complete fool of myself, yet he still fell in love with me! Ahh, life in love is beautiful, no? 🙂



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Our new suduo name. Our daily routines have turned into work all day, homework all night or in Tim’s case, School all day, work, work, work and then homework til the break of dawn. How did this happen?! I am not too proud to admit I took on way too much this semester. I was much too ambitious. Lesson learned! I will never take 16 credits and work full time ever again! The past 2 Friday’s I’ve come close to tears just because I was so tired and poor Tim has been sick for weeks. Okay Universe! We get it!

In better news we’re making a good share of money, enough in fact to celebrate our nearly school free summer (I’ll probably still take maybe 2 online classes) to go on a California sun filled vacation! The islander in me needs to reconnect to it’s oceanic roots and Tim has yet to experience Disneyland! With this excitement looming, I am determined to have my semi-abs back in time for our freedom from school excursion.

here is my plan of attack:
(Tim doesn’t need a plan of attack since he stays thin no matter how many bowls of chips & salsa he devours.)

The Goddess Belly Dance Workout with Dolfina:

As silly as it sounds it is actually my favorite work out! It gets your entire body limber and flexible while working back muscles, stomach muscles, arms, shoulders, hips, EVERYTHING! You may find me chuckling every now and again when she tells me to “awaken my kundelini,” but what’s a few laughs compared to a kick A stomach?!

Gaiam Fitness Ball Workout:

Nate & Theresa, both being health majors and it being an Office inside joke bought me this amazing contraption for my birthday last December. I haven’t actually used the workout dvd yet but I’ve had plenty of fun bouncing on it like a five year old. Irregardless, I’m confident it will help with my balance & give me more of hard core workout than my dancing.

Last but not least, the old fashioned treadmill:

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m too lazy to run on actual ground. Perhaps after my lungs don’t feel like exploding I will venture out onto less technologic earth. Until then, it’s my husband’s mp3, my old high school track shoes, and the treadmill that will almost run for me. 🙂

Before my farewell, I do want to make note of our sweet little valentines day. Last year we were a week away from getting married and had no furniture in our apartment (heck, even MY stuff wasn’t there yet!) so we opted for heart shaped pizza and sparkling cider on the floor of our future home. This year, with both of us a little sick, exhausted and a full time schedule, we decided to continue on our tradition of the heart pizza. So here’s to love and the wonderful commodity of the frozen food section. 🙂

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