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i scream for ice cream.

so i’m a little bit obsessed with ice cream. Tim always makes us go to the freezer aisle last because I will stand there for 10 mins trying to decide which ice cream sounds best. If I can only choose ONE I want to make sure it’s good, right?

We went to the grocery store a few days ago and ben & jerry’s was on sale! In my scouring I came across brand new flavors that my eyes have never seen! Needless to say Tim wasn’t thrilled and made fun of me getting all excited over ice cream.

For your own enjoyment I will share my findings:

I’m so excited to go back and try more! Don’t you just love saracastically named ice cream? The world just wouldn’t be the same without it.



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White not, want not.

like any good consumer we are doing our part to stimulate the ecomony by going on a white specific shopping spree. not on purpose really but i’m very happy with the outcome! say hello to our new white couches!

new & improved.

and as for the fate of our old couches they are on our back porch while in limbo.

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…or my name isn’t dale earnhardt.


the newest addition to our family. names are pending. we decided we needed a 4 door car and so my poor little accord coupe has to make room for our new Sentra SER Spec-V.  I let Tim drive it back to our place from the dealership and once we hit the freeway I saw him speed off into the distance. Seconds later I get a call from none other.

MyLyn: Hello?

Tim: Did you see me?!

MyLyn: What do you mean?

Tim: Did you see how fast I went?!

Perhaps a 6-speed wasn’t the best choice for a family car. Too late now.

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Early Christmas

I was having a terrible, awful, no good day yesterday but was so happy to come home to a room full of surprises!
1. Tim had dinner all ready for me (he probably got sick of me texting him about how starved I was ha!)
2. I let a friend of mine borrow my FCUK dress for a white party and she left me a bag of victoria’s secret goodies when she returned it! A girl can never have too much lip gloss, right? 😉
3. I had been complaining to my sister in law of my musical black hole dillema and she sent me 7 cds in the mail! I was so excited! I now have all the white stripes & killers albums as well as Justin Timberlakes love/sex sounds or whatever its’ called. I LOVE ELLEN!!
4. Like a fool I bought vegetarian refried beans and they were digusting. (Tim said they smelled & tasted like farts, which was actually true) So I went to smiths were they had the new June issue of Better Homes & Gardens out!

Sure it’s May but it felt like Christmas to me!


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Running Start.

Quick Post:

I finally threaded my sewing machine today! (Tim basically had to do it for me, how embarrassing! In my defense I haven’t had to thread my own machine since Home Ec class in the 8th grade.) I successfully brought in 2 of my work shirts that I have been swimming in for the past few weeks.

Exhibit A: The Sea Whale
Exhibit B: The Reformation

Hand in Hand:

Those 2 inches made a HUGE difference.

Also, I started my garden!!! We semi cheated and bought a few plants that are already blooming and then we planted lavendar, carrots, & a butterfly spring mix. Oh and jalapenos!

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What a wonderful world.

2nd post of the day but these women without a doubt deserve the spotlight:

Marilyn Torculas Brant: I love my mother. i have so many fond memories of my mother. my love of cooking, flowers, & singing all come from my mother. and my good looks, ha! 🙂 A convert to the church, my mother is always telling me to say my prayers and always calls me to tell me she loves me. Mahal na mahal kita mamang!

Maureen June Wood: One of the sweetest women I have ever met. I love visiting her and talking with her on the phone. I always come away with such a comforted spirit & she’s always so open to hearing what I have to say. My mother through marriage, but I love her as my own.

I miss my mothers!!!! happy mothers day to these beautiful women!

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Out of Hibernation.

Apologies to our devoted fans! We’ve been lazy/busy lately, hence the no posting. I just finished my finals (haleighluyah!) and have sworn off school for the summer. I really thought I had it in me to do 1 or 2 classes but then I went on a Target shopping spree and decided on something else. Ha! You can usually find me wandering around the Target on Lomas from 8:15-9:30am Tuesday-Friday since I take Tim to school and don’t want to waste gas by going home before work. Needless to say I am extremely knowledgeable in the whereabouts of the Target bargains. In my wandering I found a Singer Sewing machine HALF off!!! $45 dollars later I took home my brand new sewing machine and just recently joined an online sewing group that I’m super psyched about. I blame the stress of the semester for my Target spending addiction. On the bright side I found some great dresses for $15 or less! Isaac Mizrahi is my new found favorite!
In view of my school free bliss I have made some summer goals as to not let my brain turn to mush:

1. Work out 2-3 times a week. This is a must if I want to have any dignity at the half marathon come October. Also, I need to work off the weight I put on this semester with my no time/pizza eating habits. Yikes. :-S

2. Bake/Decorate a cake at least twice a month. Another Target find! My mother used to decorate cakes when I was little and I’d spend hours watching her and flipping through her cake magazines. You can imagine my excitement when I saw a Betty Crocker (“As seen on TV” even!) cake decorating start kit with 100 pieces for only $10! (Poor Tim! I bought so much that month!)

3. Start growing my garden. Theresa Nuckols and I have been talking about starting our garden for weeks and finally bought each other some seeds to jump start our projects. I haven’t started yet but we have some spring flowers, & lavender that I will attempt to plant. Hopefully they survive, most plants get suicidal around me.

4. Read at least 3 books. I was a nerd from elementary all the way thru high school. I was the dork who when the teachers asked if we’d read any good books over the summer always said yes. First up, “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. Read it before but decided to revisit his genius while waiting for my hold at the library for “Predictably Irrational,” to come up.

5. Try a new recipe every week. With the farmers market so close and my love for cooking smothered by the endless semester of hell, not to mention my BRAND NEW subscription to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, I figured we could all benefit from this.

It’s only been a week of freedom with my new goals and I’ve already started reading, and I baked 6 mini cakes for the women at work for mothers day and our favorite friends Theresa & Nate. I’m finding that I like my domestic summer much better than school. I can see why some women for-go school for babies! I have to admit though had it not been for my crazy 18 credit semester I would’ve really loved my classes. With the obvious exception of math. I think that goes without saying.

Moving on, poor Tim’s finals are starting tomorrow and neither of us have been getting much sleep with his studying til the wee hours of the night. (I’m one of those needy wives who can’t fall asleep without their husbands next to them. Yep, that’s love for ya.) We’ll be sure to celebrate his freedom with a trip to Elephant Bar after this week as well.

Hope everyone’s summer is starting off well!

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