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happy half birthday!



Today is my half birthday! I am officially 21 1/2 years old. My full birthday is 2 days after Christmas [it’s common for it to be snubbed into a Christmas/Birthday celebration/present]. So a few years ago, since I was counting anyway [i never grew out of counting halfs ie: i’m 8 and a HALF! not 8!], I started celebrating half birthdays. When Tim & I first started dating I got him a mini cake for his half birthday and though he thought it was sweet, also thought I was a weirdo. [thankfully he loves me anyway!]


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Every so often, due to hours upon hours of listening to useless information about wood stains & grains i fight a burst of laughter. it’s very much comparable to the kind of laughter bursts that happens in church when it’s enormously inappropriate and all the while incontainable. Tim sometimes gets irritated with me when we try to pray and as soon as he starts he can hear my snickering. (*i don’t condone my behavior) i’ve been told i’m mature but somehow my 8 year old self has seemed to survive. (I’m 21 1/2 years old for cryin’ out loud?! Doesn’t that mean anything to me?!) in today’s instance it struck while at work (surprised?) and i frantically looked everywhere for a reason to laugh. I looked up people’s names with plans to find a ridiculously funny one (we had a jimmy hendrix come in one day & i couldn’t help myself), but to no avail. i then tried to text hilarious lines from the office to fellow fans & no replies were made. (pfft, some friends! kidding, they all just have lives on saturdays when i’m stuck at work) Even Tim is unavailable to make me laugh! Tim is my laughter safety net & he is not here to look at me funny or share a friends embarassing story. so here i sit, raging laughter caged inside of me with no outlet. Doesn’t anyone know any jokes?! one of two things will happen.

scenario one: i will laugh at the first person who talks to me, no matter what they say. ie: is this on sale? me: HA!

scenario two: I will try to hold it in for as long as i can only for it to let loose at a seirously inappropriate time. ie: my dog just died. me: HA!

woe, woe is me.




whilst texting my pregnant sister in law, i was meaning to tell her that my brothers wife is expecting as well and accidently T9ed brothel instead of brother. Luckily I caught it before it sent. I am half way to recovery!


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visit from the stork!

Guess who is expecting?!

Not us! –But my brother Robert & his wife Kari are!!! & we couldn’t be happier! We are so excited to have a little one next early next year!

Also, my other sister in law SaraLyn just found out she’s having a BOY! 🙂 Joyous, joyous are we!



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Tim is FREE!!!!! Well, sort of. Tim finished his externship (the entirety of which he worked 40 hours a week for no dinero) & finally had a chance to go golfing & do a little ghost hunting (his latest obsession). His summer has finally begun! He gained his intern license finally and overnight had his pay bumped up to make as much as I do already! Seems a bit unfair but I won’t complain since it ends up in our bank account anyway! 🙂 One year down, only 3 more to go! I’m so proud of my science loving husband.

In other news, because of a scheduling conflict at work our vacation was bumped up by 3 weeks and we will be returning to Utah sooner than we thought! A week & a half & I will be kissing the ground on the streets of salt lake! (C’mon people, I’m speaking methaporically) I’m so excited!

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My Other, Other Half

I noticed that my tibits of home decor, food, & fashion became a tad overwhelming so I have pronounced a new blog, lovingly name “Myla Rose,” to insights on my latest obsessions. Perhaps I am tooting my own horn but I figured it was worth a try. Don’t be shy! Stop by and see me here!


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a woman reformed.

I am a dectorating lunatic. I rearrange our furniture once every 2 months & switch out wall hangings just as often. I’m not sure how I’ve survived the past year without painting our walls (tim is against doing extra work that we will just have to cover up once we leave) but to my comfort I found that white walls are not the enemy.


Thanks to Domino Magazine for showing me that white wall apartment living can be just as fabulous as the rest.


View Here:


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asian a la mode.

this is what happens when an asian american runs out of clean spoons.

I guess you really can’t take the Asia out of the girl. Or so my husband tells me.


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