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patty cake III

Ta-da! My final cake, which I dedicated to Kimball & Amanda since it was on their anniversary! My frosting job wasn’t spectacular but my dedicatees didn’t seem to mind. 🙂



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leave it to me…

to find a million things I want to buy when our extra cash is fineto.

I will especially mourn for this:

I was THIS CLOSE  to opening a Target Credit Card.

Anyone want to buy me an early Christmas Present?


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patty cake II

so next week is our final cake class for cake I. [sad! i am all in for cake class II hopefully!] I’ll be sure to post pictures of the final product but here are some tibits we’ve been working on:


I’m kind of a nerd about cake decorating. I just love it! Bring on Cake Class II!!

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sweet invention of a lover’s dream.

….that’s how I imagined Edward Cullen.

[my husband allows me to swoon over fictional characters ONLY, he’s know he’s my real life Edward 🙂 awww! lol]

Is it just me or does this guy not even come close to our visions of this juicy vampire? Sure, sure, it’s hard to find a guy who reaches the description he’s given in the book but come’on! Was Johnny Depp not available? Ok Johnny’s not exactly 17 looking however I do think they could’ve done better. I fully admit I may be eating my words later but as of now I am disappointed. AND!! Do I stand alone in saying that Kristen Stewart is so very NOT Bella material? Did we not see her in the Messengers?!

Perhaps the cheese stands alone. Voice out.

ps. please no spoilers people! I just finished the 2nd book last night!


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to the rescue!

so my doctor ordered me to stay on bedrest for today because i am a wussy baby. [i’m not pregnant, in case that was your next question.] it’s driving me crazy!!!! who knew there were a million things I do everyday that I take advantage of?! Poor Tim has been waiting on me hand and foot. [Husbands really come in handy when you’re sick! ha, ha! Love you Tim!] After moaning about my boredom to my best friend [i love you theresa!] she & nate brought me a “boredom kit.” you guys are the best!!!

Among the many gifts were:

Domino Magazine: We went to the bookstore the other day & I told her I’ve been obsessed with Domino Magazine lately so she bought me the latest issue! [She told her husband, “I have no idea what this magazine is but MyLyn said she likes it!” lol]

People Magazine: We share celebrity gossip on a regular basis so I was thrilled when she gave me some new material to catch up on!

Twillight: She’s been telling me how good it is & I’ve been dying to jump on the band wagon!

Friends Season 1: When we were house sitting I wanted to watch all of their seasons but Tim vetoed that idea. Now I can start the season while Tim is at work tonight! [We’re stickin’ it to the man!]

Plus! She wrote me a really cute card & it came in a really cute bag! & how cute are those sticky notes?! Thanks Nate & Theresa! You’re too nice to me, but if you insist… 🙂


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patty cake.

my dear friend mrs. lemon did a wilton cake class and i’ve forever been jealous. since my betty crocker kit was not teaching me anything & my mother continues to up stage me I decided to recruit a friend and take some classes. Last night was my first class (I missed the first as I was melting the the Utah heat) and it was so fun! Theresa & I giggled like school girls at all our tiny accomplishments & I of course got frosting all over myself. I even [much to my embarassment] chirped out, “Theresa, theresa look what I did!” after completing a superb star point. We had such a good time, I can’t wait til next week’s class! Also, adding to the atmosphere, we had a real life new mexican ganster there with his girlfriend decorating cakes at the next table! Our husbands wouldn’t be caught dead there! His cake was actually really cool! [We stole some color mixing ideas from him.] He was the last person I would’ve expected to see there but alas, once again the universe has proven me wrong! I’m so glad Theresa did the class with me, I wouldn’t have laughed nearly as side splitting had she not been there. 🙂

My accomplishments:

Our first batch of lines. I realize this looks like an array of nothingness but I assure you that up close it’s quite impressive.

Our second set of borders! The shell border was tough! My first attempts were mainly just blobs. But look at my cool star pyramid! [this was my “look at me!” accomplishment of the night]

My finished cake! It was supposed to be a layered cake but mine caved in whilst baking & I had to cut off most of it, hence the borders practically on top of each other! [impressive, right?] Ha!

& yes, I got frosting all over my phone by taking all of these photos.

And just for comparison, here are some cake I have made pre-class taking.

Work Birthday.

Mother’s Day Cakes for the Girl’s. [Obviously before I learned to do the crumb layer first]

Officer Brock’s Going Away Cake. [not my best work. i’m not a great drawer of badges, or a great caligrapher at midnight.]




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Tim & I had our FABULOUS photographers Angie & Keith do more photos of us while we were in town (we’re taking as many as we can before we get old & fat! ha!)

Check them out here & feel free to compliment us or our photographers. 🙂

They are AMAZING!!! We love you Angie & Keith!


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