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er. not as cool as the tv show.

This is how gross one looks after 4 hours in the ER. I was disappointed John Stamos wasn’t there to take my blood pressure. 🙂
A few days ago I started noticing that I was having trouble breathing. I would walk a few feet and would spend hours trying to catch my breath. I tried getting up slower & such but it kept happening & I started getting faint, & dizzy. I got worried &  called my nurse about it since I hadn’t experienced any complications before (heck, I haven’t even thrown up!)  & was told to drink lots of water & eat some red meat. After doing that for a full 24 hours and still not regaining any strength or breath she referred me to the ER.

 I was a wussy. They let me in right away & as soon as I got to the back I started crying telling Tim I didn’t want to be there and that I wanted to go home. (Your hormones make you crazy!) They immediately checked the baby & he was fine. 140 heartbeats, totally normal. By hour 2 I just wanted to go home. The nurse had pissed me off by then (I told her I needed to eat something before she took my blood since I hadn’t eaten in 3 hours or I would get sick & she told me,”Oh no that’s just psychological.” I about slapped her.) & I was so uncomfortable with an IV in my arm & a pillow that felt like crumpled newspapers. The questions they asked me were super annoying too. “Are you in an abusive relationship? Are you prone to Anxiety attacks?” They even told me it was a possibility I had a blot clot in my lungs and that they could check by injecting me with radioactive dye & putting me through an MRI machine, translation MORE radiation. PASS! Hopefully I won’t have to go back, ever!

Anyhow, 4 1/2 hours, several blood tests, respitory tests & a dose of albuterol later they finally let me go. (The albuterol is crazy! It makes your heart race, I could see my pulse through my shirt! It’s actually a medicine for asthma, it opens your airways)

Doctor’s Orders:
A Gatorade Once a Day (I was low on a bunch of things like Potassium & Sodium. How can anyone be low on Sodium?)
A banana regulary
& a Follow up appointment to see if I need more albuterol.

Looks like I will survive. 🙂



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We had a great time at Ryan & Evelyn’s Friday night! She made a ton of little appetizers that were delicious & surprisingly filling. (Although, I felt bad everyone had finished eating like an hour before me. I’m pregnant, I get hungry!) We carved pumpkins as well & they turned out great! I had only carved a pumpkin once before but my Dad did most of the work for me so I had a lot of fun! I had no idea they were so much work! I was so proud of my pumpkin that I made tim take a million pictures. 🙂

*Forgive my greaseball look, I had just gotten off of work.

*Look how long Tim’s hair is getting! That’s what we get for living far away from our stylist! He also says he isn’t going to cut it til the baby is born, but I think he will crack long before then. 🙂

*All of our pumpkins (Tim’s is the skull next to mine). Ryan & Evelyn were much more ambitious with theirs than us. 🙂 It turned out really neat. 🙂


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8 Shows I like to watch:
  • The Office. Tim & I are constantly saying Office lines to each other because, as we can easily prove, ANY situation can be related back to the Office.
  • Sex & the City. Judge me if you must but I can’t get enough of the humor, the fashion & NY hot spots. Tim claims to hate this show but I’ve heard him laugh a few times. 🙂
  • Heroes. We just got into this show about a month ago (blame Ryan & Evelyn!). We’re almost finished with the 2nd season & always to our rescue, Nate & Theresa have every episode of season 3 DVRed. 🙂
  • Ghost Hunters. We used to watch this together until I kept Tim up all night crying that there were ghost around me. Now Tim watches it alone & goes Ghost Hunting with Nate. 🙂
  • Lost. I started watching season 2 with Tim before we were married & ending up watching the whole season within a week or so.
  • 24. Tim is more into this than me. I’ve actually only watched one episode & immediately vetoed it.
  • Antiques Roadshow. We always have fun guessing wrong on the price figures & then telling whether or not we’d sell it for the money. 🙂
  • Nova Science Program. They have the most interesting programs! We just watched on about a girl with X-Ray eyes. She can look into your body & tell you what is wrong with you medically.

8 Favorite Restaurants:

  • Red Iguana, Hands Down. The place of our 2nd date & the start of the Salsa Challenge. We try to eat there everytime we’re in town.
  • Famous Dave’s. We don’t have any here in New Mexico & Tim & I LOVE barbeque.
  • Samurai, or Mikado’s. We both LOVE sushi. Tim is an adopted Asian.
  • Cafe Rio or Barbacoa. We love both, I just have a stiffy towards Barbacoa because I can never have the salsa I want because my wussy immune system is allergic to onions.
  • Costco. Their pizza is scrumptious.
  • Indian Palace in Sandy. Oh so good.
  • Training Table. Cheese Fries, yum.
  • Noodles & Co. Is this a Utah only thing? I’ve only seen them there.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

  • We watched Boondock Saints & wished we were Irish.
  • Went to School.
  • Tim made me a cheese quesedilla. (In my defense I made him twice baked potatoes the night before)
  • Got excited at the sight of a Little Caesar’s Pizza on Montgomery but was let down to find out it wasn’t open yet.
  • Wrestled for a whole 5 minutes til I ran away like a wuss. lol.
  • Checked out a jacket that Tim thought he “maybe” liked, but decided it was not the one.
  • Scared the daylights out of Tim by waking up before he was asleep searching for a bug that I swore was crawling on our sheets.
  • Marveled at Tim’s singing voice impersonations to classic rock songs.
    (In my defense, yesterday was my “work late,” day so it was an uneventful night. We are usually pretty hip.)

8 Things I Look Forward To:

  • Tyrannasaurus Rex being born.
  • The day we are both College Graduates.
  • Owning our own home that I can decorate & start gardening.
  • Having a car with a great stereo again.
  • Real Vacations that aren’t just spent going from family to family. Not that we don’t love seeing you all!
  • Visiting Tim’s old mission area & touring Europe.
  • The day we make our last payment on our student loans.
  • Kids recitals, soccer games, what-have-you’s, all as a family.

8 Things That I Love About Fall:

  • The colors of the leaves.
  • The modest dresses that come out.
  • Apple Cider.
  • The warmth & coziness of the holiday.
  • The crisp air.
  • Sweaters.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Holiday food.

8 Things On My Wish List:

  • House
  • New wardrobe
  • A degree under our belts
  • An old classic car.
  • Heathly, polite children.
  • A record player.
  • Another wedding. To the same man, obviously.
  • A beautiful garden full of lush flowers, greenery, fruits & veggies.

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water weight.

For those who didn’t believe I could get fat, boo-yah!

I didn’t think I’d need maternity clothes so soon but if you were able to zoom in you’d see my pants are being held on with a rubber band & are halfway unzipped! Anyone want to go shopping? 🙂



I also found all this fun info on about my due date!

Birth date: April 21

Famous Birthdays

1816 Charlotte Brontë
1838 John Muir
1926 Queen Elizabeth II
1947 Iggy Pop
1951 Tony Danza
1958 Andie Macdowell



Notable Events

1789 John Adams is sworn in as the first vice president of the United States

Fun Facts

1956 “Heartbreak Hotel” becomes Elvis Presley’s first number one hit
1977 The musical Annie opens on Broadway

Your baby will start kindergarten in 2014, be old enough to drive a car in 2025, finish high school in 2027, and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year. Can you imagine?


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tyrannosaurus rex

….is what Tim is still calling our baby. (He thinks he’s hilarious 🙂 ) Turns out our baby is a bit more modest than we had hoped! 🙂 He kept his legs crossed THE WHOLE TIME! But he was cute enough to suck his thumb and move his arms around for us. He even did a hiccup type jump, it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen! She did say that she saw something inbetween the legs but that it could just be the cord. I know the truth! 🙂

According to my due date (April 21st) I’m 13 weeks 3 days but I’m measuring 14 weeks 2 days! Hooray! Get this baby outta me and into my arms! 🙂 He had a very strong heartbeat, about 152 per minute & think the technition said he weighs about 1.3 ounces.

So you’ve got a little more time to make your guess since my next ultrasound isn’t for another 6-7 weeks 😦 Bummer.

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what say you?

We’re having an ultrasound done tomorrow morning & although it’s early I’ve been told by several nurses that you CAN tell the gender as early as 13 weeks! (I will be almost 14 by tomorrow & my midwife suspects I’m actually futher along that we’ve calculated) I’ve been thinking we are having a boy & Tim has been saying it’s a girl just to laugh about disagreeing with me. 🙂

What do you think?



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About time.

I finally bought this.

I picked it up at random on one of my frequent SLC Library trips & ended up loving it. That was almost 3 years ago! Whilst at B&N I saw it on sale for $6.98! I figured it was about time I stopped borrowing it from the library over & over & add it to my own. 🙂

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