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one year older & none the wiser.

I am officially one year older. One year older & a few days now. 🙂 Tim & I already opened our birthday gifts on Christmas but it turns out I had one more to open! Tim  let us get this for my birthday:



I actually wanted this table in regular height (not bar height) but it was such a pain to get up the stairs that I didn’t want to make the guys take it back. I love having a table! Tim really could care less but he gets a kick out of my reaction to dinner now. 🙂 The hustle & bustle of the holidays wore us out a little so we just had a quiet dinner with Bff & Husband at Macaroni Grill. We had a gift card there and I secretly wanted the opera singer there to sing to me. 🙂 Tim’s birthday is this weekend but I think we will celebrate with some rainbow chip cake & staying in.



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happy birthday jesus.


We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year. 🙂 It was so laid back & so fun to start our own traditions.
Here was our holiday schedule:

Christmas Eve: Tim had to work that night so I went with the Nuckols (they adopted me this Christmas Eve as I was husbandless!) & drove around to see the luminarias. They are beautiful! I had never seen them before & was so glad they invited me. We watched a Christmas movie called, “The Ultimate Gift,” ate pizza & salad, & they showered me with such sweet gifts! I wish Tim could’ve been there. Upon arriving home Tim & I opened our pajamas to each other & started to watch, “Elf.” I got so excited I had a hard time sleeping. We both woke up several times during the night thinking, “Is it christmas yet?!”

Christmas Day: At 7:30 in the morning we decided we couldn’t take it any longer & got up to see what Santa brought us! We first checked our stockings that were loaded with goodies! In all the excitement Tim & I accidentally/on purpose opened all of our birthday gifts as well. (Both our birthdays are within a week of Christmas) We got so many cool things from our family & friends but the one we were most excited to open was this bambino.



Tim & I spoiled ourselves this year by getting a flat screen TV!

After opening our gifts (Christmas AND Birthday :-)) We headed to the Nuckols home to have Christmas breakfast. It was oh so delicious & so much fun to spend with their family. They spoiled us with even more awesome presents, my favorite of which is this:



Theresa handmade this! It was beautiful & perfect. Such a special gift from such a special family. I was so touched.

After breakfast we went home to enjoy our presents before heading to a movie with the Cleggs. We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! It was really good but OH SO LOOONG! I was not at all prepared. Baby Wood was kicking me like crazy! Probably trying to get me to move around! We were pretty drained by the end & were happy to come home to a roast that Tim had been slow cooking. All in all, we had a wonderful & happy christmas.



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christmas party 2008.

Pictures from our Holiday party 2008!
We had so much fun & can’t wait til next year!

On the Menu:

Cupcakes, Cookies, 7-Layer Dip, Pumpkin Spice Bread,
& Pigs in a Blanket!


Cranberry Spritzer, Cream Cheese Puffs, Cheese Ball, & Deviled Eggs!



In all it’s Glory!


Guest List:




















I should’ve taken more pictures! We played Christmas Carol Pictionary & Unwrap the Gift (you had 15 seconds to open the wrapped gift with oven mitts on your hands). Theresa even made cocoa sets to go home with everyone! Holiday Party 2008, I think, was a success!

thanks to all who came! merry christmas!

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freedom & baking.

We’re FREEEEEEE!!! For about a month. Tim finished his last final this morning! Hooray! (I finished mine Wednesday)
The poor guy can finally get some sleep!

Also, tonight is our annual Christmas party! Bff & I are hosting & have been baking for days! 🙂 I’ll be sure to post some pictures.



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I am terrible at baking cookies. Ask me to bake a cake, cupcakes, ANYTHING else, but cookies I seem to always burn. This year, for the first time ever, I am participating in a cookie exchange! I’m really excited about it as I LOVE to cook. Unfortunately, the night I was to make 3 dozen cookies was the same night I had a final, a final assignment & a 2nd job to fulfill. I hastilly bought the ingredients for my Ulimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies & ran to my 2nd job. I didn’t return home until about 10:30 and what did I find? 3 Dozen cookies already made & ready to be chocolate dipped! My sweet husband, knowing my busy schedule (& my terrible cookie burning curse) had taken the time to bake all 3 dozen cookies regardless of the finals he has been staying up nights studying for. 🙂

I definately married the right man.

I could praise him to the moon for hours on end but instead I will just state the obvious & say, I so desperately love my husband. 🙂

The final product. It was sooooo hard not to eat any of these! My mouth is STILL watering. In fact, I left them at home so that I wouldn’t eat any before the cookie exchange tonight.




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hello, i’m five.

Judge me if you must but I would proudly carry this in my purse.



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o christmas tree.


We finally got our tree up! I’m so excited, I just LOVE Christmas. I went to the flea market the other day and found these gorgeous vintage blue & silver ornaments for $5 a box! This isn’t a great picture but it has white, silver, blue & a few small gold accent vintage ornaments that my mom gave me the year before. I just love having the lights turned on, I make Tim wait til the very last second before we go to bed to turn them off. 🙂 The day after the tree went up, it snowed! I’m getting so excited! I also found some old picture frames at the flea market as well, they are falling apart but I love them! After finals I’ll be sure and take a picture once we are all unpacked have more on the walls! 🙂

Also, Tim & I are going to be staying put here in Albuquerque this Christmas due to crazy work schedules. I admit we’re sad but also excited to start some Christmas traditions of our own. What are some of your Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear them! (*& possibly steal them!)

**Baby Update: T-Rex is doing well! He is getting really heavy though! I’m thinking of getting one of those belly supporters or whatever? Also, my hands are finally starting to swell 😦 My poor rings won’t last on my fingers too much longer, it’s heartbreaking! He is very active though, kicking all the time! Tim thinks he’s practicing his asian ninja kicks. 🙂 Still thinking of names, turns out we are both pretty picky. 🙂


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