o christmas tree.


We finally got our tree up! I’m so excited, I just LOVE Christmas. I went to the flea market the other day and found these gorgeous vintage blue & silver ornaments for $5 a box! This isn’t a great picture but it has white, silver, blue & a few small gold accent vintage ornaments that my mom gave me the year before. I just love having the lights turned on, I make Tim wait til the very last second before we go to bed to turn them off. 🙂 The day after the tree went up, it snowed! I’m getting so excited! I also found some old picture frames at the flea market as well, they are falling apart but I love them! After finals I’ll be sure and take a picture once we are all unpacked have more on the walls! 🙂

Also, Tim & I are going to be staying put here in Albuquerque this Christmas due to crazy work schedules. I admit we’re sad but also excited to start some Christmas traditions of our own. What are some of your Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear them! (*& possibly steal them!)

**Baby Update: T-Rex is doing well! He is getting really heavy though! I’m thinking of getting one of those belly supporters or whatever? Also, my hands are finally starting to swell 😦 My poor rings won’t last on my fingers too much longer, it’s heartbreaking! He is very active though, kicking all the time! Tim thinks he’s practicing his asian ninja kicks. 🙂 Still thinking of names, turns out we are both pretty picky. 🙂



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5 responses to “o christmas tree.

  1. Kari

    My! Your tree is so pretty. It’s big too…I guess it’s just normal size, but our tree is just really small so it makes everyone elses tree seem giganotor.

  2. Tim & MyLyn

    Kari, you should ask my mom for a tree. She gave us ours last year along with a bag full of ornaments. She has like 5 trees! 🙂 Love you & miss you both!

  3. There is a belly belt in the box I sent, so don’t go buy one–they’re more pricey than you’d expect!

  4. How fun! For christmas every year in my family we would each get our own cornish hen for Christmas Eve dinner. We’d each pick our own marinade, and spend the day preparing it. It was so fun the first year we got married for Dan to get his own cornish hen with my family! Kind of corny i know (no pun intended…), but it has always been something we look foreward to!

  5. Tim & MyLyn

    Thanks Debra! You are really spoiling me! I can’t wait to get your package!
    Heidi, thanks for the great idea! I love that one! & it’s certainly one I haven’t heard before!

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