I am terrible at baking cookies. Ask me to bake a cake, cupcakes, ANYTHING else, but cookies I seem to always burn. This year, for the first time ever, I am participating in a cookie exchange! I’m really excited about it as I LOVE to cook. Unfortunately, the night I was to make 3 dozen cookies was the same night I had a final, a final assignment & a 2nd job to fulfill. I hastilly bought the ingredients for my Ulimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies & ran to my 2nd job. I didn’t return home until about 10:30 and what did I find? 3 Dozen cookies already made & ready to be chocolate dipped! My sweet husband, knowing my busy schedule (& my terrible cookie burning curse) had taken the time to bake all 3 dozen cookies regardless of the finals he has been staying up nights studying for. 🙂

I definately married the right man.

I could praise him to the moon for hours on end but instead I will just state the obvious & say, I so desperately love my husband. 🙂

The final product. It was sooooo hard not to eat any of these! My mouth is STILL watering. In fact, I left them at home so that I wouldn’t eat any before the cookie exchange tonight.





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3 responses to “cookie.

  1. Theresa

    How sweet of him? We were just having that conversation when I dropped you off. 🙂 He is a keeper!

  2. I want one! They look delish.. What a sweetie of a hubby.

  3. Dorene

    Oh, that is so sweet!
    Yum…..they looks so scrumptious!

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