happy birthday jesus.


We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year. 🙂 It was so laid back & so fun to start our own traditions.
Here was our holiday schedule:

Christmas Eve: Tim had to work that night so I went with the Nuckols (they adopted me this Christmas Eve as I was husbandless!) & drove around to see the luminarias. They are beautiful! I had never seen them before & was so glad they invited me. We watched a Christmas movie called, “The Ultimate Gift,” ate pizza & salad, & they showered me with such sweet gifts! I wish Tim could’ve been there. Upon arriving home Tim & I opened our pajamas to each other & started to watch, “Elf.” I got so excited I had a hard time sleeping. We both woke up several times during the night thinking, “Is it christmas yet?!”

Christmas Day: At 7:30 in the morning we decided we couldn’t take it any longer & got up to see what Santa brought us! We first checked our stockings that were loaded with goodies! In all the excitement Tim & I accidentally/on purpose opened all of our birthday gifts as well. (Both our birthdays are within a week of Christmas) We got so many cool things from our family & friends but the one we were most excited to open was this bambino.



Tim & I spoiled ourselves this year by getting a flat screen TV!

After opening our gifts (Christmas AND Birthday :-)) We headed to the Nuckols home to have Christmas breakfast. It was oh so delicious & so much fun to spend with their family. They spoiled us with even more awesome presents, my favorite of which is this:



Theresa handmade this! It was beautiful & perfect. Such a special gift from such a special family. I was so touched.

After breakfast we went home to enjoy our presents before heading to a movie with the Cleggs. We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! It was really good but OH SO LOOONG! I was not at all prepared. Baby Wood was kicking me like crazy! Probably trying to get me to move around! We were pretty drained by the end & were happy to come home to a roast that Tim had been slow cooking. All in all, we had a wonderful & happy christmas.




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2 responses to “happy birthday jesus.

  1. You guys are so cute. I’m glad to see you enjoyed your own little family Christmas, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Mia

    Wow, I LOVE the ornament! I want one! I might copy it, if you don’t mind 🙂

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