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where’s the fire?

it seems our baby is in a bit of a hurry. Wednesday night I was feeling a lot of pressure (which is not out of the ordinary lately) and then suddenly some pretty strong cramping. I called the nurses line and they advised me to have someone take me to the hospital. Of course I had the car and Tim was at work so poor BFF and husband had to be my personal driver.
I kept saying over and over how stupid I felt and how ridiculous I was going to feel if they just tell me it’s Braxtin Hicks and send me home. (I always worry that I’m overreacting!) Turns out, I was having contractions! At a mere 28 weeks this baby was trying come out! I couldn’t believe it. They gave me a shot and set me up to a few moniters (baby didn’t like this. every few minutes he would furiously kick at them and his heart rate would skyrocket before calming down again. he has an attitude!). After a few hours my contractions finally stopped and they ordered me to bed rest for a day.
Feeling much better today although I’ve been banned from lifting things or bending over which is a lot harder said than done! I hadn’t realized how many things I lift on a daily basis! Hopefully he will stay in there for at least another 10 weeks and then I will be happy to oblige his pushy arrival. 🙂



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mickey mouse.

tim made me pancakes last night &
knew I needed cheering up so he made me this:


i love him. 🙂

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over the moon.

Pictures from my last baby shower here in Albuquerque. Theresa & Evelyn threw quite the party! Everything was Nursery Rhyme Themed and oh so cute! The invitations were so adorable, again Nursery Rhyme themed AND it rhymed! 🙂



They hung pages from a Nursery Rhyme book all over the room, so cute!


Theresa had the cutest idea to have all the guests sign their names along with well wishes in a Nursery Rhyme book for me to keep!


My lovely cupcake tower! I LOVE cupcakes. These are homemade, raspberry filled cupcakes made by Theresa. We also had catering extrordinaire Evelyn made mini pigs in a blanket, chocolate covered strawberries, cream cheese puffs, bruchetta, strawberry/lime tarts, pasta shells and much more! I was stuffed!


(*Forgive my asian eyes!)




So many people love us! We got such wonderful gifts!


The Party Planning Commitee. 🙂 You guys are the best!

We are so excited to get everything ready for our little T-Rex. 🙂 I’ve made it into my third trimester so the countdown begins!


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mamma y mia.

Did I ever mention how awesome it is to have photographer friends? Mia has been doing photography for a little while now & gave me an amazing deal to do my maternity photos professionally last minute! She made me look incredible! I wish I really looked like this on a day to day basis, ha! She posted a sneak peak on her blog, I can’t wait to see the rest!


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traveling timlyn part I.

we have been to & fro in a hurry!
highlights from st. george:

double birthday celebration!




Group Hugs




& Battling Bellies!



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i love my lemon love.

Karlee posted a few of the pictures she took & I stole them to display. 🙂
I have to say she was absolutely wonderful! The SLC Library is one of my favorite places & she had so many innovative ideas! I have no doubts that she do great things in photography.

To view more click here.




My belly has been getting a lot of attention lately besides all the great pictures. Complete strangers ask me how far along I am and every single one of them have given me a shocked look after I tell them I’m 26 weeks. And they don’t stop there! I’ve had so many people tell me how huge I am in the last week (I’m bigger than my Sister in Law who is due next month!). Most people haven’t been tactful throughout my pregnancy so I am learning to take it in stride. As long as baby is healthly & safe I will continue to smile & quietly curse at them under my breath. 🙂


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alive & well.

we are alive! my apologies to everyone! We took a last minute impromptu trip to Utah to visit our families and have just returned. There was a TON of driving & I don’t think pregnancy & road trips really mix well together. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun, even if it was short lived, & I have LOTS of pictures to post!

*Baby Cannon & Little Miss Sophie
*Maternity Pictures by Karlee Lemon
-she did them for free & totally last minute to add them to her photography portfolio! I love having photographer friends!
*Maternity Pictures by Mia Wilson
-incredible photographer who gave me a great deal & stuck with me even though it was snowing!
*Baby Shower in Salt Lake
*Brant Double Birthday celebration

I’ll get them up soon!

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