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timlyn turns two.

02.24.09 = 2 years of timlyn

We kept it pretty low key this year as we had had a rough couple of weeks with baby scares, and numerous tests. It was really nice to just spend an evening out with each other and remember our wedding day.

I came home to a beautiful bouquet of roses and a sweet card. (I love Tim’s cards, he always writes the most beautiful things to me.)



And always the traditionalist, I bought Tim something that could count as both cotton OR china. (The traditional 2 year anniversary gift) Unfortunately, they were out of stock temporarily and I had to give Tim this card instead of the actual gift:




If you’ve ever even talked to Tim it’s likely to come out how much he loves, “Big Trouble in Little China.” I used to think it was the dumbest movie in history but I have to admit it’s grown on me. If you’re familiar at all with Jack Burton you will notice this is the T-shirt he wears in the movie and that line is one of Tim’s favorite Jack Burton lines. It was fun to see him laugh at my JB joke. 🙂 I felt pretty clever.

We had a great dinner at Elephant Bar (our favorite ABQ joint) and watched the original Halloween movie. Tim loves scary movies and I won’t pass up a chance to grab onto him tightly during the scary parts. 🙂

“Of all the places in all the world, my favorite place is next to you.”

I love you honey. Happy Anniversary.



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jumbo the humungo.

i figured i would do another update even though i’ve been a negative nancy lately. i won’t sugar coat it. it’s been rough. no sleep (i’ve watched so many KNME programs from 2-7am), lots of nausea, heartburn, hips that feel like they are shattered (I can’t lie down for more than 2 hours before feeling this), claustrophobia of the lungs (i can’t breathe no matter WHAT) and we even had a huge scare that my water may have broken a few days ago. This kid is drama, drama, drama. Are they sure it’s not a girl?

Still trying to make it til 34 weeks (March 10th).  I have an ultrasound scheduled for March 6th because my Dr. thinks the baby had another growth spurt or I have excess amniotic fluid. She laughed and told me she had to re-check my chart because by looking at me I already look full term. I’m telling you this child is BIG! 

And just in case you don’t believe me…..



I am huge.

In other news, my nephew Linkon John (Robert & Kari’s baby) made his arrival Feb. 13th and he is the spitting image of my brother and oh so cute!


I can’t wait til ours is here!


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love hurts.

Valentines Day was definately memorable this year. Tim had to work late and being as I’m a slow pregnant person I decided I would still do our annual heart pizza and make him dinner. I came home from work to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the movie, “Hairspray” which I LOVE and he doesn’t but he loved me enough to let me enjoy it anyway. 🙂

This year because pizza is making my wussy pregnant self sick I made Tim’s favorite fruit pizza and a salmon salad as he had told me he missed having them all the time. (Salmon makes me sick too. 😦 Poor Tim is so deprived because of me!) This is how our night started (at 11pm) and I was excited to spend some time with him.




After Tim had a chance to eat we started watching my movie (even though he was exhausted from being at school and work all day but I was dying to see it again!) and pretty soon I started feeling sick. Thinking I was going to throw up I went to the bathroom and within seconds was in excruciating pain. I started screaming for Tim and immediately asked him for a blessing and to rush me to the hospital. Poor Tim had to basically carry me down the stairs as these contractions were knocking me right to the floor. Turns out I was having strong contractions every 2-3 mins! After being given yet another shot to start the contractions I was feeling very sick again and ended up vomiting all over the hospital bathroom and myself. Yuck. We finally got the contractions to stop and went home at around 4:30 am. We’re still trying to keep him in until March 10th (34 weeks) but he seems to have other plans. Luckily I am now terrified of when he actually comes and they let me have him!

All in all, minus the crazy contractions and the night at the hospital we had a nice Valentines Day. 🙂


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