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final countdown.

Week 36


*sorry for the terrible photo. Tim had already left for school.
ps. can you believe my fatty fingers?! everything on me is swelling. ouch.

75% effaced, fingertip dialated. Boo.
Baby is carrying WAY out front. He is measuring at 39 weeks!
Midwife laughed a little when she checked me. His head is so low that she had to push it aside to check me properly. Come out already! She said because of how big he is she will strip my membranes at 38 weeks instead of 39 if I haven’t had him by then.
We’re trying almost every wives tale to get him out! Everything from fresh pineapple to red raspberry leaf tea! I draw the line at castor oil though.

Hopefully he comes soon!



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nice day for a white wedding.

Tim’s little sister Ellen got married last friday and surprisingly my midwife gave me clearance to go! It was so fun to be with family for a few days and to see how happy Tyler & Ellen are. What a beautiful couple.



We were a little sad to come home but once there, found that we actually missed our place a lot. We’ve been busy trying to get the house in order and get this kid out! I had a ton of contractions while in SLC but laid low so we wouldn’t risk having the baby there. Now I’m doing everything I can and he is seemingly unphased. We were advised yesterday by my nurse to go into labor & delivery because she thought I was in labor and sure enough I was having contractions fairly frequently but wasn’t dilated enough to be admitted. BOO. They sent us home to do some walking, etc. to get me further along. So it could be any day! It could also very possibly be another few weeks. Anyone want to take a guess at the due date? My official due date is April 21st making me 35 weeks 2 days today but most of my doctors aren’t convinced I’ll carry the whole 40 weeks. What do you think?

and just for fun, look at our cute little nephew cannon! we couldn’t get enough of those cheeks!



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baby face.

babyfaceA face that only a mother could love. 🙂 Ultrasound pictures always make babies look like something out of a horror film but I was excited to see his face! I don’t think he looks anything like me but he’ll probably look different outside the womb lol.

The ultrasound went well! It was extremely uncomfortable and it made me nauseous a times but it was fun to see baby boy. He’s measuring ahead a little over a week and already weighs about 5lbs 3oz though the weight estimates have been known to be less accurate. He sure feels heavy though! Hopefully he comes out in the next few weeks so he doesn’t kill me. I’ll be 34 weeks this upcoming tuesday (hooray!) so anytime after that if he starts making his way here they won’t stop him! Everyone keep your fingers crossed he will come soon! We are so anxious to meet him!


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i looked out the window & what did i see?

Spring has come. 🙂


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lazin’ on a sunny afternoon.


Tim, Big Belly & I went to the park across the street on Sunday to take a little walk. It was so nice to be outside with the breeze, hear the birds, and see the park full of people again. ABQ weather is beautiful right now (jealous? 🙂 ) and Sunday was no exception. We didn’t make it very far on our little walk around the park (my feet were swollen to balloons within a few mins.) but it was such a lovely day. I can’t wait to be able to spend them with Tim & baby instead of Tim & big belly. 🙂


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