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drumroll please……


Owen Timothy Wood

April 21st, 2009

11:36 pm

8lbs 3oz

21 inches




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39 Weeks

Still no progress. Still no baby. How is my body so invincible all of a sudden?! Stripped my membranes today hoping for some action. Midwife suggested I try castor oil & assured me it was safe. Tried it and still nothing. Due date is in 5 days, next appointment in 7. If I haven’t had the little guy by then she said that she will “work something out” with me & the drs for induction. Haven’t gotten more than 2-3 hrs of sleep for the past week or so because of the pain from a previously broken bone in my back plus all the pressure. Hopefully I’ll have enough in me to deliver him if he ever decides to show! 🙂
Had 6 people stop me in the grocery store today to ask me about my due date. It’s funny how much attention a small asian woman with  a ginormous belly will get. 🙂


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38 Weeks

No progress AT ALL. 😦 Been the same for 3 weeks now. 1cm dialated and 50-75% dialated. Gave me the option to strip my membranes but told me it doesn’t really help anything unless you’re dialated more, it mostly would’ve just caused a very uncomfortable day. I opted not to as comfortability is already non-existent. I really liked my midwife today though. She was really nice and honest and helped me stay positive. Thankfully his growth spurt is tapering off now (hooray!) and though he will still be fairly large (7-8 lbs they are estimating) he won’t be large enough to kill me. 🙂 It’s no secret that I have been hoping he’d be early but now that they aren’t warning me that he will be (instead they are telling me to prepare for an overdue baby!) I’m surprisingly okay with it. I think if I mentally prepared for my due date or over from the start it would’ve been a lot less stressful. Only a week and a half til my due date so here’s hoping! I do admit I will miss some things about being pregnant.

I will miss:

Feeling him moving around
Seeing Tim try to talk to him thru my tummy
His kicks in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep
Tickling his feet and feeling him try to hide
Hearing Tim say,”Hi-yah!” when he feels him kick (he’s training him to be a ninja)
Seeing my stomach move in all sorts of wacky ways

Things I will NOT miss:

The extra poundage & water retension
The penguin walk I’ve been sporting the last few weeks
Taking 5 minutes just to roll over in bed
Being limited to sleeping on my sides
Not being able to cuddle with Tim
Not being able to reach my feet


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37 weeks

Week 37


*I realize I look borderline crazy in this picture but it’s the only one I have of my tummy. Can you believe how huge and LOW it is?! Believe it or not he has gotten even LOWER since this picture has been taken. How is it possible you say? Good question!

Week 37 Update:
First appointment with midwife was awful. I was in so much pain from my hips, back & pelvis plus all my swelling and she basically told me to buck up because there is nothing you can do about it. She told me there was no point in checking my progress because it doesn’t tell you anything about when labor will start and even shared her story of having pre-term labor and then going over a whole week! I left my appointment in tears! Even Tim admitted she was a jerk off so I know it wasn’t just my crazy pregnancy hormones. I tried to suck it up because I had to schedule my next appointment in a week and then found out my regular midwife was booked AGAIN. (I haven’t been able to see her in 3 weeks!) AND to make it worse, they were so over booked that we had to schedule it a week and a HALF away instead of a week. I ended up calling the on call nurse (who I had worked with several times before) and she reassured me that this midwife had not done her job & set up another appointment  for the following day with an actual nurse to track my progress.
2nd Appointment:
I liked this lady SO much better. She still had some semi bad news to tell me but she was professional and polite so I left tear free. Turns out I’m only 50% effaced instead of teh 70% they told me earlier and 1cm dialated. She thinks I still have another week or two to go. She also told me that his growth spurts SHOULD stop so I don’t need to worry about possibly delivering via c-section as he should be normal size. I left feeling relieved that someone actually knew what they were talking about and could give me some solid facts. Even though I was hoping he would be here earlier I’m finding it easier to deal with now that I’m not anticipating him coming any minute. Perhaps I just don’t have a shred of emotion left after this whole roller coaster, ha! I still get such strong reactions from strangers wanting to know if I’m having my baby TODAY! I’ve gotten so many comments on how “I’ve never seen anyone carry a baby that low before!” and “I’d bet you’ll have that baby TONIGHT!” I’ve stopped all wishful thinking though. I’ve even tried acupuncture! Instead, I will let this stubborn boy do what he wants. He probably learned that from the Wood side. 🙂 It is, after all, our motto. 🙂


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