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time flies!

boy oh boy what tim and I would do for a full nights sleep! but what a cute kid we have instead! Owen is getting so big & fast! He turned one month on the 21st and now weighs over 10 lbs! he’s getting pretty chunky & it is adorable. He is looking like his Dad more and more everyday.
I’ve decided to spare everyone the birth story so as not to deter anyone from having children. 🙂 Suffice to say it was 22 hrs long (the last 3 without ANY pain meds! :() and I got a 3rd degree tear after they vaccumed him out. Ouch. I won’t be doing that again for quite awhile.

Tim’s semester is now finished and he just started his summer externship. So far he likes it a lot and we are very excited that he is half way done now! We’re anxious to see where life takes us after his graduation and where we end up!

jolyn’s wedding is coming up next weekend and we are SO excited to see everyone who has come into town for it. We leave next week for utah and I can’t wait! I’m excited for Owen & Linkon to finally meet as well! I hope they become good friends as well as close cousins. 🙂

Also, those of you who will be in St. George, we are blessing Owen at the Winchester Hills Chapel May 31st at 11am. All are welcome! IMG_1404revmay

He is fatter than this now, can you believe it?!

IMG_1412revmayHalf the pictures I have of him are sleeping ones! So cute!



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more owen.

forgive the blogging hiatus. with no internet at home and a needy baby you can imagine the loads of time I have to sneak to the office to post. 🙂 Hopefully these will tide you over the next few weeks that i most likely will be at home internet-less. 🙂







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