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baby humungo.


A lady at the Barnes & Noble said me holding Owen & remarked, “He’s almost as big as YOU!”

This picture showed me she was right.

How on earth did a 5’2″ 100lb asian woman married to a 5′ 8″ 130 lb man have such a GIANT baby?

The mysteries of science.

p.s. Last chance to give me your email to keep up with us! We’re going private by Friday!



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private party.

yes, folks, it is time. write a comment with your email address or send me an email at por favor. I will keep it up for about 2 weeks and then close the curtain. Even if you think I don’t know you send me one anyway! We’re friendly! We just don’t want the crazies catching up with us. 🙂

Thanks again!


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vay-cay photos.

St. George view here.

California view here.

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Tim & I decided last minute to jump in the car to visit Tyler & Ricky in Cali-forn-nigh-yay. It was so much fun! We were treated like royalty with trips to the beach, a trip to the getty, incredible home-made dishes, cable tv & some much needed family time. Owen loved them both right away and was even giggling at Ricky the first night! Another minor miracle, Owen has slept 6-7 hrs straight almost every night since our first night in Cali! Tyler & Ricky’s place must be very zen. 🙂
A day or two before we headed home we were convinced to stop by Saint George as a birthday present to my brother. It was so nice to see everyone again since the wedding visit was so chaotic. The boys had so much fun together and everyone was in heaven with those two little boys. JoLyn & Brian were there as well and we were so glad to get a chance to see them before they leave the country. Plus, JoLyn & I were able to get our haircuts together and I ended up completely copying hers! To top it off I wore my shirt that looked eerily similar to hers. It reminded me of the days when people thought we were twins because my mom dressed us up in matching outfits, ha! 🙂
But alas, we have returned and are counting down the days when we are able to see them all again. 🙂

Pictures to come!*

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this face melts my heart. 🙂 he sure does look like his dad, but when he smiles, he is ALL mom. 🙂


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