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Peanuts & Cracker Jacks.

Ryan & Evelyn took us to the baseball game with his work, Sandia Labs. It was so much fun! We had FRONT ROW SEATS & money to burn on the delicious food. We scarfed on a GIANT hot dog (I didn’t know they had regular sized ones!), nachos, & some yummy ice cream. Ahh, it was the best! We had to leave an inning early. We had kept Owen up almost 2 hours past his bedtime & he had had enough. 🙂 I’m so sad I didn’t bring my nicer camera with me though & the Kodak one I brought was running out of battery. Maybe next time. 🙂

Thanks again guys for a wonderful night!


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So I wasn’t so great at keeping up the night by night posts. Owen did really well and we have a blissful 3 weeks until he started really teething. Even now he’s not too bad. On the nights he is though I scratch my head and wonder how anyone has more than one child. Live & Learn I guess.

In other news, we were so lucky to have a visit from SaraLyn & Cannon. Oh how those boys loved each other! Cannon always wanted to see what Owen was up to & Owen tried to copy Cannon’s every move. We had so much fun with them, it had to be the fastest week in history! I even got teary eyed when I left the airport after dropping them off. 😦 While there were here Sara was nice enough to let me practice my novice photography skills on her & Cannon at the temple. I was really happy with them actually & we got some uber cute shots of her & her little guy. 🙂

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tough love, night II

Last night went well! I was a little worried because at the end of his bottle his eyes were wide open! I felt awful thinking of how loud he would cry if I laid him in his crib AWAKE. He continued to give me the stare-down-puppy-dog-eyes for another 10 mins until finally I put him in his bed. Much to my surprise he gave me a smile, turned, & closed his eyes! I couldn’t believe it! Of course, 15 mins later he started crying but only for a few mins & then was asleep again. I have to say, he looks SO cute when he sleeps without being swaddled! His little arms fly up above his head or he will fall asleep with his fist halfway in his mouth. 🙂 So adorable. He didn’t wake again until 3am (a mere hour before his feeding time! I was so tempted to just get up & feed him). He cried for about 20 mins and fell asleep again til feeding time. Just like the previous night, he went down without a peep after his feeding and didn’t wake again until 8am! I really thought this would be a lot worse, but he is doing great! I do admit though that every night I’ve ended up sneaking back in before I go to bed to make sure he’s breathing. Ha, ha! I’m such a worry wart. Even funnier though is that Tim follows me in to check on him too! 🙂 I guess we just really love the little man. 🙂

So far tonight is going well, too! Until tomorrow!


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tough love, night I.

With Tim returning to school in a few weeks & me loosing steam we are biting the bullet & giving Owen some tough love. We decided it was time to let Owen learn to sleep on his own like a big boy. We were really nervous & almost chickened out. I bugged everyone that I knew had been there done that with a million questions so I figured I would share this experience so the next person who needs to try will have all the details.

Night one commenced as follows:

We gave Owen his regular bath (which he just LOVES! He gets really fussy when he knows it’s getting close to time & then puts the biggest smile on his face as we are undressing him. He’s hilarious.) and got him into some footie pajamas. (I was afraid to put him in a onesie because we weren’t going to swaddle him and he usually kicks his blankets off.) While feeding him his last bottle he got very frustrated since he wasn’t used to not being swaddled. We put on a classical CD & laid him in his crib, turning the mobile on as I left. I gave him a quick kiss & stuck a binkie in his mouth & closed the door. Luckily, the little man only cried for about 15-20 mins and fell asleep.
He did really well actually, only waking at 1:30am (we put him down at 8:45pm) & crying for about 30 mins before falling back asleep. He woke again at 5am where I fed him and laid him back in the crib without any crying! He slept soundly til 8:30am to a very anxious Mom & Dad.

Night II is off to a good start. Until tomorrow!


Mr. Owen, himself.

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i’m so glad when daddy comes home.

Owen loves his Dad. It sometimes makes me jealous that Tim can talk in a normal voice and Owen will burst out laughing. He can always get a laugh out of him & Owen usuaully only prefers me when he wants to go to sleep. I was able to put my envy aside when I came across this picture from our first Sunday afternoon at the park as Tim, baby & me (as oppossed to Tim, big belly, & me).


They’re so cute together I just can’t be mad. 🙂



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oh, there you are!


I’m having a bit of a vain moment. I’m posting this picture because I think I look more like my old self, FINALLY. 3 months later and I only have 5 more lbs to lose! Hooray! I was actually able to button AND zip my size 0 pants a week ago but my 00 things may never fit again. (boo hoo for all my dresses at this size!) But I am feeling a great sense of accomplishment that I’m nearly there! (not that i’ve really been trying too terribly hard. thanks for the good genes mom!)

My mother-in-law once told me she would catch a glance at herself in the mirror 3 or 4 months after having a baby and say to reflection, “oh, there you are Maureen!”

I had that moment. And it felt great. 🙂

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false alarm.

so I’m feeling a bit foolish. Upon trying make our blog private I learned that if I do, only wordpress users would be allowed to use it. BUMMER. I’m thinking about switching back to blogspot. (same address, just at blogspot. I’ll keep you informed. Sorry for the false alarm and now the merry-go-round.


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