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Piggy piggy.

Owen had his 4 month check up a few days ago (he’s actually 4 1/2 months already! We were a little behind) and he is still…


owen eating

He is in the 75th Percentile for his Height

25 1/2 inches

and 95th Percentile for Weight

18 lbs

He is definitely a big boy! He is so funny nowadays. He talks to himself a lot and kind of sounds like a monkey. He tries to be so independant as well, trying to feed himself (he eats foods now!), tries to walk on his own (we’re trying to get him to crawl first, or at least roll over!), and this kid just LAUGHS all the time. It’s hilarious. He thinks everything is funny. His favorite toy is a plastic crab rattle but he beats himself up with it and then cries when I take it away. He’s also been teething for a month or so now. Just when we got him to sleep thru the night! He’s doing pretty well though, usually only waking up once, maybe twice a night. Overall, he is a really good boy & we have so much fun with him!


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nap time.

Owen doesn’t like to be swaddled for his naps anymore since he isn’t swaddled at night but he was having a little trouble figuring it out. I admit I told myself I wouldn’t ever do this because I like our bed to be ours and not our kids bed, but I couldn’t help it! He was just so cute and cuddly I couldn’t pull myself away!


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