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7 Months.

Our little guy is 7 months old today! He is starting to look like a toddler more and more, it’s so sad! At 7 months he is:

21 lbs (still! poor guy has been teething like crazy!)

27.5 inches

At 7 months Owen:

says several words like mama, dada, daddy, ow, hi, hey, oh and sometimes yeah.

is attempting to crawl a little.

wants to stand up on his own. he pushes our hands away and will stand for a second before falling.

is teething like crazy! poor guy! tooth #3 is coming in.

sleeps like a champ.

eats like a football player (usually)

laughs allll day long.

thinks it’s funny to pull hair.

still looooves music and loves to dance/be sung to.

so cute when he eats at night. when he’s done he’ll turn into you and snuggle.

opens his mouth SUPER wide and whines if he thinks you aren’t feeding him fast enough.

loves to play with magazines.

is thinning out. he’s getting so tall and loosing a lot of his chub.

still loves his bath! we moved him to the big tub and he loves it now. he doesn’t even pay attention to you, he just splashes.

he LOVES looking at himself in the mirror, naked. haha!

I find it so funny that the first few months I wanted him to be older so we could play with him and now I want him to be younger so he stays a baby forever!




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all i want for christmas…

is my two front teeth.

And apparently a few more!

This guy…..

has turned into THIS guy…

I guess his race to be older is still ongoing. When I was pregnant he was always have growth spurts and even tried to escape early a few times. Even since being born he has topped the charts in height & weight, smiled at only 2 weeks old and started laughing at only 7 weeks! You’d think he’d slow down! He got 2 teeth at once at only 4 1/2 months and now, a few days shy of his 7 month birthday he is getting MORE TEETH. The poor kid. He usually is just fussy, in fact I didn’t even realize he was teething until yesterday when I actually saw another tooth had cut through! Today he was miserable. Poor boy. He recently learned to say, “dad, dada, & daddy” and was crying “dad, dad, dad” until he went to bed. 😦 Hopefully this tooth cuts through soon and the poor kid can have a break!

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we are a happy fam-uh-lee.

*photos are a few months old but still oh, so cute!

Have I mentioned he loves his Dad?

Our little guy is getting so big! He does such funny things everyday, I’m really starting to LOVE staying home with him. I admit it’s been a big adjustment and even now it’s kind of a catch 22. I miss being a working girl but I just can’t bear to think I may be missing Owen growing up. Owen & I have kind of become two peas in a pod when Dad isn’t home & as much as I’d love to have a date with Tim, I get nervous about leaving him. We are just so attached to this little guy!

We love him so much!


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a new look.

I think I may be a little bit on the crazy side. If my furniture stays in the same place too long I get ancy. It’s been bugging me for MONTHS but with little monkey boy it’s been hard to rearrange. Yesterday I finally had the courage to attempt it. I LOVE the outcome…but still have a lot of mess to clean up. What do you think?

living room2Closer look at the makeshift hutch. I bought both the coffee table and the bookcase at Deseret Industries a few years ago when Tim & I got married. They both were about $5 each. The bookcase is actually a piece of an actual hutch. I took out all my pretty white serveware (the cake stand I found at Ross for $7!) and the birds are actually Salt & Pepper shakers from Target. I looooove the antique pie plates! I found them at the flea market & am planning on giving them as gifts; but for now they are on display. The chinese tea mugs are from my parents (christmas gift from last year) and the soda bottles are just empty IBC bottles. Honestly, everything in the picture cost less than $10.

ps. can you tell I love baking & decorating? all the magazines piled on the sides are Better Homes & Gardens, Domino, Country Living or Martha Stewart.

living roomI know it’s no magazine cover but I love all the extra pathways and room!

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