23 on the 27th.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday in St. George as it is only 2 days after Christmas. We laid low & spent time with family since it was a Sunday. We had a nice dinner & a tres leches cake (yum!). I got a GREAT new coat from JoLyn & Brian that fits amazingly well and some super cool Anthropologie looking earrings. Mom & Dad’s gift though made me teary eyed. I had been whining about our computer that has been on it’s last breath for months now and didn’t want to spend anymore money trying to repair it. We were basically just going to run it into the ground, PRAYING it would last us til Tim was done with school. This mad my mom sad since she wanted to do more webcam chats to see the little guy. I literally choked back tears when I opened this…

My mom’s laptop. (See that glistening in my eyes?)
p.s. this was 2 seconds before Owen knocked over that music box.

This laptop is SUPER nice. Which compared to our old one was INCREDIBLE. It has a webcam, a movie maker, & windows vista. I was thrilled!

Also, I realized I never described the loot we got from my parents. Owen got a really cute mickey mouse onesie from JoLyn & Brain that says, ” WOOD” on it in Disney letters (adorable!), and my parents bought him at least a dozen new outfits! Robert & Kari got him some sweet mittens and bought family pictures for everyone in the family.

Tim & I got an amazing cast iron WOK that we are really excited about, more cast iron skillets (we haven’t used anything else since!) and my Dad framed a silhouette of me that was done when I was in kindergarten. I love it! We had all kinds of candy in our stocking (including some SUPER rich & yummy chocolate from JoLyn & Brian), sparkling cider, & gourmet cheese. Delicious!


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  1. melissa

    It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas. happy belated birthday. (ps, your stars turned out way better than mine did. You definatly have a crafty talent)

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