8 months.

Owen turned 8 months a few days before Christmas.

He is hilarious. 🙂

My mom weighed him when we were in St. George and said he was 22 lbs!
I have no idea how tall he is but he fits into an outfit sized 18 months!

At 8 months Owen is:

still attempting to crawl but not quite there yet. He gets so frustrated after a few minutes and starts whining.

has 8 teeth broken thru and another 4 coming in. Is it possible he’ll have a full set before he’s a year old? yikes! good thing I stopped nursing early!

laughs allllllll the time. sometimes over absolutely nothing.

is super friendly, almost anyone can get him to smile.

has a new cheese grin. he squints his eyes and shows his teeth, too funny.

grinds his teeth already.

obsessed with electronics. laptops, phones, etc. he even knows how to unlock them.

does his own thing a lot of the time. as long as he can see you, he’ll play with his toys by himself.

talks A LOT. I’m going to start trying to teach him some spanish & tagalog.

never says momma anymore. 😦 only dada.

loves to stand and pushing your hands away when you try to hold him.

snuggles way more than he used to.

loves to touch faces.

pinches, still. boo.

kicks & jumps when he’s excited.

makes a super cute monkey face.

eats crackers, nilla wafers, and pretty much anything you put in his face.

almost never looks at the camera for pictures anymore.

loves to rough house with dad.

looks more like a toddler now than a baby. 😦

He’s so big now we can’t believe it.
Tim even said the other day,”Owen, why do you look so big? You’re supposed to be a baby!”
He’s approaching the 1 year mark so fast it’s scary! and heartbreaking!
I never remembered him as “small,” since he was such a big baby but compared to what he looks like now, those baby pictures are tiny! If it weren’t for the lack of sleep, I think I could have tons of these little guys.


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  1. He is so cute Mylyn. Isn’t it fun watching them grow and seeing what their little personalities turn out to be like? You are such a cute mom!

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