9 Months

Mr. chunky monkey turned 9 months old on the 21st.

He is sillier than ever!

At 9 Months Owen is:

Still figuring out the crawling thing. He is so persistent but can’t figure out how to use his knees.

Waves at everyone & everything. Soo cute.

Finally says momma again! It was his first word but once we taught him to say Dad he stopped saying it for awhile. Now it’s momma allllll the time.

Is working on 4 more teeth on the bottom. Once those come in that’ll put him at about 12 teeth.

Recognizes who momma is.

Has new words! He says hi clearly now and ball. He also sometimes says wow and uh-oh.

Usually sleeps about 10 hrs straight! From 8:30 to 6:30 then has a quick feeding and change and sleeps til 8 or 8:30.
It has been amazing!

Is a very good walker. He will hold your hands but barely rely on them.

Can pull himself up into a stand.

HATES to sit down now.

Can finally put his puff snacks into his own mouth, along with crackers and cheesy snacks.

Is slimming down a little. He’s still pretty chunky but is a lot more active and a lot taller.

Last we weighed him he was 23.5 lbs!

Is wearing 12-18 month clothing.

Still Loves music. He especially loves commercials or the intros to sitcoms.

Loves to rough house with Dad.

Is very smart! He figures out which buttons to push on EVERYTHING. Including the TV.

I’m, of course, COMPLETELY biased but I think he is the most beautiful little boy. He & Tim have the dreamiest eyes along with that dark, dark hair. I have a feeling his girlfriends and I won’t get along. 🙂 It’s so exciting to see him learn and grow. He is such a smart little boy and SO mischievious! We love him oh so much.


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