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9 Months

Mr. chunky monkey turned 9 months old on the 21st.

He is sillier than ever!

At 9 Months Owen is:

Still figuring out the crawling thing. He is so persistent but can’t figure out how to use his knees.

Waves at everyone & everything. Soo cute.

Finally says momma again! It was his first word but once we taught him to say Dad he stopped saying it for awhile. Now it’s momma allllll the time.

Is working on 4 more teeth on the bottom. Once those come in that’ll put him at about 12 teeth.

Recognizes who momma is.

Has new words! He says hi clearly now and ball. He also sometimes says wow and uh-oh.

Usually sleeps about 10 hrs straight! From 8:30 to 6:30 then has a quick feeding and change and sleeps til 8 or 8:30.
It has been amazing!

Is a very good walker. He will hold your hands but barely rely on them.

Can pull himself up into a stand.

HATES to sit down now.

Can finally put his puff snacks into his own mouth, along with crackers and cheesy snacks.

Is slimming down a little. He’s still pretty chunky but is a lot more active and a lot taller.

Last we weighed him he was 23.5 lbs!

Is wearing 12-18 month clothing.

Still Loves music. He especially loves commercials or the intros to sitcoms.

Loves to rough house with Dad.

Is very smart! He figures out which buttons to push on EVERYTHING. Including the TV.

I’m, of course, COMPLETELY biased but I think he is the most beautiful little boy. He & Tim have the dreamiest eyes along with that dark, dark hair. I have a feeling his girlfriends and I won’t get along. 🙂 It’s so exciting to see him learn and grow. He is such a smart little boy and SO mischievious! We love him oh so much.

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m. rose photography

more beautiful people.

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My sister graciously allowed me to snap a few photos of her while we were in town.
I’m finding out with every shoot that I really love it! Anyone in ABQ want a free session?

click here to view the rest.

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8 months.

Owen turned 8 months a few days before Christmas.

He is hilarious. 🙂

My mom weighed him when we were in St. George and said he was 22 lbs!
I have no idea how tall he is but he fits into an outfit sized 18 months!

At 8 months Owen is:

still attempting to crawl but not quite there yet. He gets so frustrated after a few minutes and starts whining.

has 8 teeth broken thru and another 4 coming in. Is it possible he’ll have a full set before he’s a year old? yikes! good thing I stopped nursing early!

laughs allllllll the time. sometimes over absolutely nothing.

is super friendly, almost anyone can get him to smile.

has a new cheese grin. he squints his eyes and shows his teeth, too funny.

grinds his teeth already.

obsessed with electronics. laptops, phones, etc. he even knows how to unlock them.

does his own thing a lot of the time. as long as he can see you, he’ll play with his toys by himself.

talks A LOT. I’m going to start trying to teach him some spanish & tagalog.

never says momma anymore. 😦 only dada.

loves to stand and pushing your hands away when you try to hold him.

snuggles way more than he used to.

loves to touch faces.

pinches, still. boo.

kicks & jumps when he’s excited.

makes a super cute monkey face.

eats crackers, nilla wafers, and pretty much anything you put in his face.

almost never looks at the camera for pictures anymore.

loves to rough house with dad.

looks more like a toddler now than a baby. 😦

He’s so big now we can’t believe it.
Tim even said the other day,”Owen, why do you look so big? You’re supposed to be a baby!”
He’s approaching the 1 year mark so fast it’s scary! and heartbreaking!
I never remembered him as “small,” since he was such a big baby but compared to what he looks like now, those baby pictures are tiny! If it weren’t for the lack of sleep, I think I could have tons of these little guys.

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23 on the 27th.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday in St. George as it is only 2 days after Christmas. We laid low & spent time with family since it was a Sunday. We had a nice dinner & a tres leches cake (yum!). I got a GREAT new coat from JoLyn & Brian that fits amazingly well and some super cool Anthropologie looking earrings. Mom & Dad’s gift though made me teary eyed. I had been whining about our computer that has been on it’s last breath for months now and didn’t want to spend anymore money trying to repair it. We were basically just going to run it into the ground, PRAYING it would last us til Tim was done with school. This mad my mom sad since she wanted to do more webcam chats to see the little guy. I literally choked back tears when I opened this…

My mom’s laptop. (See that glistening in my eyes?)
p.s. this was 2 seconds before Owen knocked over that music box.

This laptop is SUPER nice. Which compared to our old one was INCREDIBLE. It has a webcam, a movie maker, & windows vista. I was thrilled!

Also, I realized I never described the loot we got from my parents. Owen got a really cute mickey mouse onesie from JoLyn & Brain that says, ” WOOD” on it in Disney letters (adorable!), and my parents bought him at least a dozen new outfits! Robert & Kari got him some sweet mittens and bought family pictures for everyone in the family.

Tim & I got an amazing cast iron WOK that we are really excited about, more cast iron skillets (we haven’t used anything else since!) and my Dad framed a silhouette of me that was done when I was in kindergarten. I love it! We had all kinds of candy in our stocking (including some SUPER rich & yummy chocolate from JoLyn & Brian), sparkling cider, & gourmet cheese. Delicious!

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Christmas 2009

I know, I’m way behind! We had a GREAT Christmas. We opened our gifts on the 22nd as we were leaving the 23rd to surprise my family in St. George. I was super impatient and kept asking Tim if we could just open our presents earlier since it wasn’t going to be actual Christmas anyway. DE-NIED. Either way, our little family Christmas was really cute.

Owen was a little more spoiled than we originally planned. We got him some bath toys, a foam picture album for church, 2 music toys and lots of clothes. He got even more toys from his cousins in Utah and his Auntie Evelyn & Uncle Ryan. He was funny opening gifts. He’d open one (with help) and want to play with it instead of opening his next gift.

I’m pretty sure this was Tim’s favorite gift this Christmas. 🙂 He LOVES this movie. He literally has every line memorized because he used to watch it when he was sick as a kid. (Apparently he was a very sickly kid!) He also got a camping lantern, some cast iron skillets, an ABQ Dukes hat, clothes (I hate buying him clothes, it seems so lame but the guy WILL NOT buy them for himself!). I even got him some cuff links and a tie tack wondering why he never wore any. Come to find out, he doesn’t own any french cuffs shirts! Mystery solved. I guess that’s what he’ll be getting for our anniversary. 🙂

Tim spoiled me this year and let me use all of my Christmas money to buy myself some new clothes. I didn’t expect to open anything that morning but he bought me a few things even after I overspent my budget. 🙂 He bought me, To Kill a Mockingbird, a book that I’ve LOVED since high school, a new recipe book (my new obsession), and a HUGE Calvin & Hobbes book that I’ve been eyeing for YEARS. It’s hilarious, I’ve already read through half of it.

Once in St. George I promptly got a haircut (*thanks Stephanie for keeping the place open for me!) and surprised JoLyn & Brian at the door. JoLyn was thrilled to see us and amazed to see how HUGE Owen was. My Dad, who followed minutes later, mistook me for my sister until I said, “Surprise Dad!” where he then looked again and realized it was me. (In his defense JoLyn & I are the same height, almost the same weight and have the same haircut!) My mom came home later and yelled when she saw us but went straight for Owen. 🙂 I guess that’s how it is when you have kids.

It was a WONDERFUL Christmas. We had so much fun watching Owen and Linkon play (even though it took a few days for Linkon to warm up to Owen) and being with my family was lovely.

Linkon opening the onesies I made for him & the paul frank jacket I couldn’t help but buy. 🙂

The star collages were a hit! I’m so glad they liked them!

JoLyn & Brian recieved a 2nd gift from us that I forgot to take a picture of. We got them a set of salt & pepper shakers that were hula dancers (they met, dated & got engaged in Hawaii) who magnetically kissed. 🙂 So funny.

the family tree I made for Mom & Dad, complete with all the kids, spouses, & grandkids names.
(all the ones so far at least)

Cuddling with Grandpa.

Grandma & Grandpa loved having both the babies there.

I think the boys liked it too. 🙂

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