i am scrooge.

I’m officially a jerk. My last post I was such a brat about having “weird neighbors.” Well those “weird neighbors,” just showered us with really sweet gifts and a beautiful letter of thanks. I felt awful. They wrote us a letter thanking us for being so thoughtful and that they both have undergone numerous surgeries this year and really needed the pick me up. They even gave us these beautiful vintage ornaments (one for each of us) along with some other gifts and homemade cards. The cards are so sweet and are made from vintage cards she kept over the years. They are beautiful. She even made a separate one for Owen from Santa. Perhaps next time I should give people a break. 😦

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the old style of Santa.

The little man all ready for Hogwarts Christmas. 🙂


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Tim & I have lived in our apartment for over a year and we’ve been in this neighborhood for over 2, but we’ve never talked to our neighbors other than a friendly nod or hello. I helped the neighbor across from us carry up his groceries once but never introduced myself. I figured Christmas would be a good time to really say hello and to spread the Christmas cheer. I made some raspberry-chocolate thumbprint cookies and wrapped them up with a christmas card. I was kind of nervous but excited as well since you hear so many stories about opportunities to share the gospel or make friends with your neighbors. Honestly, it was none of those things. Our neighbors were really strange. One of our neighbors mostly just told us he didn’t know how we were still sane with a child in the house and that he won’t stay cute for much longer. I wasn’t quite sure if he was joking or not. It made me really uncomfortable. I even mentioned if they ever needed help carrying up the groceries or a cup of sugar that we were always there to help and he flatly denied me. Needless to say, it was not exactly the neighborly welcome I had expected. I still feel really weird about it. Is it strange to try to be nice to your neighbors? I feel like everyone in our complex already decided to just live peacefully without talking and I’m the one who’s not with the program.

Well, at least God knows I’m trying.

As for next year, I think we’ll just stick to family & friends we actually know. 🙂
Either way, Merry Christmas to all!

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I was reading some archives of Nie Nie and came across this post.

It really struck me that she was proud of her decision to have 3 children before she was 23 (*my age in 2 weeks!) and proud of her decision to postpone college to do it.

I, in turn, was proud that a woman had the guts to actually SAY it.
I have to admit, there are many times that I feel down or inadequate for not having a degree under my belt due to some time squandering in my late “teens” and then having Owen just as I was saddling up to apply for nursing school. Yet, here I sit, baby in tow, and so very proud of the family we’re creating. I agree school is harder after children and it definitely will be the case for me as I’m no exception but I. am. proud. of my sweet little boy who I love & cherish and the chance I have to be his mother and a parent with the love of my life.

So props to her for her bold decisions and for never regretting the important ones.

My pride & joy.


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Ever since Owen just just a few weeks old he preferred to stand than sit.
It’s definitely helped mom get her toned arms back!
As a result, he has VERY strong legs.
Hence this little trick…

My parents have a picture of my sister JoLyn doing the same exact thing with my dad when she was a baby.
I guess it runs in the family!

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series of events.

Something funny happend when putting Owen to bed.

all clean, lotioned and in his pjs.
sneaky mr. o giving me some giggles and smiles to sway me not to put him to bed just yet.
i give in and play.
one second: owen giggling.
next second: puke allllllllll over mommy.
second after that: shock.
and after that: big smile/giggle from Owen.
conclusion: i laugh.

oh I love my silly little guy. and the convienence of an in home w/d.

the end.

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7 Months.

Our little guy is 7 months old today! He is starting to look like a toddler more and more, it’s so sad! At 7 months he is:

21 lbs (still! poor guy has been teething like crazy!)

27.5 inches

At 7 months Owen:

says several words like mama, dada, daddy, ow, hi, hey, oh and sometimes yeah.

is attempting to crawl a little.

wants to stand up on his own. he pushes our hands away and will stand for a second before falling.

is teething like crazy! poor guy! tooth #3 is coming in.

sleeps like a champ.

eats like a football player (usually)

laughs allll day long.

thinks it’s funny to pull hair.

still looooves music and loves to dance/be sung to.

so cute when he eats at night. when he’s done he’ll turn into you and snuggle.

opens his mouth SUPER wide and whines if he thinks you aren’t feeding him fast enough.

loves to play with magazines.

is thinning out. he’s getting so tall and loosing a lot of his chub.

still loves his bath! we moved him to the big tub and he loves it now. he doesn’t even pay attention to you, he just splashes.

he LOVES looking at himself in the mirror, naked. haha!

I find it so funny that the first few months I wanted him to be older so we could play with him and now I want him to be younger so he stays a baby forever!



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all i want for christmas…

is my two front teeth.

And apparently a few more!

This guy…..

has turned into THIS guy…

I guess his race to be older is still ongoing. When I was pregnant he was always have growth spurts and even tried to escape early a few times. Even since being born he has topped the charts in height & weight, smiled at only 2 weeks old and started laughing at only 7 weeks! You’d think he’d slow down! He got 2 teeth at once at only 4 1/2 months and now, a few days shy of his 7 month birthday he is getting MORE TEETH. The poor kid. He usually is just fussy, in fact I didn’t even realize he was teething until yesterday when I actually saw another tooth had cut through! Today he was miserable. Poor boy. He recently learned to say, “dad, dada, & daddy” and was crying “dad, dad, dad” until he went to bed. 😦 Hopefully this tooth cuts through soon and the poor kid can have a break!

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